Every homeowner needs tools to maintain their home and make minor repairs. In order to start building your toolkit, get these 7 basic tools every homeowner should have.

Allen Wrenches are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Allen wrenches are L-shaped wrenches that are most commonly used to assemble furniture and complete basic plumbing jobs. For example, you can use an Allen wrench to help unclog a garbage disposal.

Digital Tape Measure

One of the tools every homeowner should have is a digital tape measure. A digital tape measure is easier to use than a traditional tape measure for a wide variety of tasks. As a bonus, most digital tape measure models are able to store multiple measurements, which eliminates the need to record them manually.

Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

You’ll need different types of screwdrivers in various sizes for different jobs. You could also opt for a multi-bit screwdriver with different-sized heads that can be used on a single handle. Some common uses for screwdrivers include tightening screws on furniture, cabinet hinges, electronics, and light switches.

Smooth Face Claw Hammer

Purchase a smooth face claw hammer to drive in nails, hang up pictures on your walls, and remove unwanted nails from anywhere on your property.

Cordless Power Drill

A cordless power drill is a great investment that you’ll be able to use anywhere outdoors and indoors. If you’re interested in completing DIY projects like building your own shelves, you’ll find that a cordless power drill is an indispensable tool.


An inexpensive level helps verify that pictures and shelves are straight. If you’re building anything, use a level to make sure that the surface is level horizontally and plumb vertically.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have Includes a Putty Knife

A putty knife can be used to remove old wallpaper or paint from your walls and for applying spackle when repairing holes in walls.

Every homeowner should own the above tools. Regardless of whether you’re interested in completing home renovation projects or not, you’ll be glad to have these tools on hand when you need them.

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