A smart home has features that you can control using smartphone apps. You’re able to control your lights, thermostat, locks, television, and appliances from a phone if you have smart home features installed. You can even set these devices to turn on and off on a schedule. Some of them can learn your schedule themselves using AI. For example, your thermostat might learn your daily schedule and change the temperature automatically, or a washing machine might detect when your clothes are clean and know when to stop washing. Here are 4 of the best smart home features.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are more convenient and provide better security than regular locks. With smart locks, you can lock and unlock your doors remotely. Every smart lock is different and has different features. Some smart locks allow you to open the door with a fingerprint scanner or various other options. The lock might accept a regular key, a PIN, a card, or a password. The same app that lets you control your locks may also control your fridge, lights, alarms, and more.

Smart Home Features for Security

You’ll need more than just locks if you want to make your home as secure as possible. Buy a complete smart security system. With a smart security system, you can control your cameras and alarms from your phone, along with all of your other gadgets. Some people prefer to buy specific security gadgets instead of a full system, like a doorbell camera.

High-end security systems can be expensive if you want 24/7 surveillance for your property. Smart home security systems are more affordable because you can monitor them yourself, remotely.

You do not have to decide how many security gadgets you want right away. You might start with only a video doorbell and add more devices later on.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are popular and affordable features.  Control your lights from your phone and make your lights turn on and off according to a schedule.

Smart lights can also save energy. If you leave the lights on when you leave your home, it wastes power and money. Set smart lights to turn off automatically. Smart lights also use new, efficient LED technology. You may save as much as 75% on what it costs to light your home if you switch to more efficient LED lights.

Smart lights can also be part of a home security system. You can set your lights up to turn on when they detect motion. This may scare a thief away.

Burglars also break into houses they believe are empty. You can make your house look occupied if you set your lights to turn on and off randomly when you are away.

Smart Home Features for Laundry

Smart washing machines can be controlled remotely and have additional features. They use sensors to detect how dirty your clothes are. A smart washing machine can sense which program is the most effective and efficient to wash each batch of clothes.

A smart washing machine shares information with a corresponding smart dryer. Your smart dryer will run a drying program based on what washing program was used.

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