When was the last time you looked for signs you need a new roof? Your roof has a limited lifespan, even if you have maintained it well over the years. Weather events and negligence can cut down on your roof’s useful life. Paying attention to the condition of your roof will help you avoid emergency repair or replacement and damage to your home.

1. Old Age

Is your roof approaching the age of 25? Depending upon the roof’s materials, roofing systems that have functioned well for nearly a quarter century may begin showing signs of wear and tear. Sometimes, a roof’s advancing age is the only sign to alert a property owner that they should start thinking about a roof replacement. If you have any doubts about the condition of an older roof, request a professional inspection.

2. Visible Sagging

One clear warning sign of a serious roof problem relates to the lines of the roof. If you notice any sagging or drooping, the structural integrity of your roof may be compromised. This can happen for a number of reasons including termite damage, water damage, or mold. Take action as quickly as possible to determine the reason for the sagging and correct the problem.

3. Cracked or Warped Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common and affordable roofing materials. While shingles often last for many years, they can be damaged from intense heat, sunlight, and wind. If you notice shingles on the roof changing in appearance, you may need to replace all (or a portion) of the roof. Look for cracking, curling, and clawing of the shingles.

4. Missing Roofing Material

Of course, a gaping hole in the roof demands immediate attention. This problem starts from the exterior roofing material falling off, whether it is made from shingles, tiles, or metal. If the roof is just missing a couple isolated shingles, they can be replaced individually, but if roofing material is missing in several places, this is one of the signs you need a new roof.

5. Recurring Leaks

Just like recurring plumbing system leaks, frequent roof leaks do not bode well for the condition of a building. In some cases, wind or hail can cause enough damage to start a roof leak. Over time, holes in the roof where water can enter only get larger. Replacing the roof may end up being less expensive than performing repetitive repairs.

Don’t Ignore the Signs You Need a New Roof

You may already see some of the signs you need a new roof. Ignoring these signs can cause water leaks and structural damage to your home. By remaining alert for the symptoms of roof deterioration, including old age, visible sagging, or cracked and warped asphalt roofing shingles, you can prevent long term property damage.

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