Elevated humidity levels affect your comfort and your family’s health, especially those who suffer from respiratory issues. High humidity contributes to mold growth and may lead to other issues like peeling wallpaper and stains on the ceilings and walls. The moisture can also weaken the structure of the building. Let’s look at ways to reduce humidity in the home.

What are Healthy Humidity Levels?

Relative humidity above 60% is considered high indoors. For comfort and health, maintain a humidity level of between 30-50% in your home. To monitor the moisture levels, purchase a hygrometer. This tool makes it easy to know when you have excess moisture in your home. Here are a few easy ways to reduce humidity.

Use a Dehumidifier to Reduce Humidity in the Home

If your home tends to have high humidity, a dehumidifier will help keep moisture under control. A dehumidifier pulls in humid air and extracts the moisture before returning the dry air back into the room. You’ll have to periodically empty the collection tank when it’s full. Many dehumidifying appliances have technology that monitors indoor humidity levels and can be programmed to maintain the desired level.

Turn on the AC

Your air conditioner also removes excess moisture while circulating drier air in your living spaces. If you notice high humidity even when the AC is on, this could indicate airflow issues like dirty HVAC filters. Clean and replace your filters regularly for maximum efficiency.

Ventilate Rooms

Ventilating your home is another effective way to reduce humidity. Open the windows and doors when the weather is pleasant. Use exhaust fans in rooms prone to excessive moisture, such as the kitchen and bathroom. When you’re cooking or taking a shower, leave the fans running to pull humid air out of your home.

Dry Clothes Outdoors

Instead of hanging damp towels and swimwear to dry inside, put them outdoors on a clothesline. Drying clothes indoors increases humidity levels when the water from the clothing evaporates into the air.

Reduce Humidity by Repairing Leaking Pipes at Home

Leaking pipes contribute to higher humidity levels. Make repairs at the first sign of a plumbing problem. Fix the slowly dripping tap and repair any under-sink leaks.

Implementing these tips will help you reduce humidity in your home. Lower levels of humidity will give your family healthier indoor air and a more comfortable home.

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