It’s critical to prepare for any type of emergency to stay safe at home. Use this list of home safety essentials to make sure you’re protected when dangerous situations arise.

Home Safety Essentials for Security

Burglars look out for the easiest homes to break into. They are sometimes deterred by a sign from a home security company. Of course, you are better protected if you have an actual alarm system that goes off the moment a burglar tries testing your home security. There are home security systems that come with 24-hour monitoring services and apps that let you view your home remotely. 

Smoke Alarms

Without properly-functioning smoke alarms, your family is at risk. You should have smoke alarms installed in every bedroom, and at least one on every floor, including the basement and attic. Check all the smoke alarms in your home once a month to make sure they are still working. You may need to replace the batteries, even for hard-wired models.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide detectors are equally important as smoke detectors, especially if you have gas-powered appliances. There’s no way to know if this deadly gas is in the home unless these alarms detect it. 

Home Safety Essentials for Injuries: First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen no matter how hard you try to prevent them. Your home needs a well-stocked first aid kit for those situations. Buy a quality kit that has everything you need in case of emergencies. Also, keep one in each of your vehicles.

Fire Safety Pack

Make sure your family is prepared to put small fires out immediately. Get stocked with a fire safety pack containing a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket. Check the various types of fire extinguishers available and buy one that fits your specific needs. Learn how to properly operate it, too. 

Home Safety Essentials Include Emergency Numbers

Stressful situations aren’t a good time to have to look up emergency numbers. An emergency number list is one of the home safety essentials that many people forget about. Have a list ready so you can contact friends, family members, doctors, urgent care, vets, babysitters, and poison control. 

Family Disaster Kit

Your disaster kit needs to include cash, water, nonperishable food, batteries, a can opener, flashlights, medications, and a battery-powered radio.

Plan for Safely Escaping the Home

Your family needs to have an escape plan in place. Teach children what to do when they hear a fire alarm go off. Install a fire ladder in the upstairs bedrooms so that no one needs to fight fire and smoke as they make their way downstairs. 

Make sure your home has all of the above home safety essentials so that you’re never unprepared.

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