A cookout is only fun when it’s safe. According to the National Fire Protection Association, grill-related fires were responsible for 19,000 emergency room visits from 2013 to 2017. Here are some easy grilling safety tips to keep your cookout from becoming a statistic.

Always Grill Outdoors for Grilling Safety

Due to the risk of fire, grills should never be used in an enclosed area like a garage or tent. Also, using grills in an enclosed space could expose people to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Use your grill outdoors in a clear, open space away from structures on your property.

Enforce the Three Feet Rule

The three feet rule is twofold. First, your grill should be placed at least three feet from anything that can burn. That includes your home, fence, siding, trees, shrubs, and deck railings. Second, children and pets must stay at least three feet from the grill at all times. During a busy cookout, assign one adult to supervise kids and pets to keep them away from the grill.

For Grilling Safety, Keep Your Grill Clean

After each use, clean your grill with a metal brush or cleaning block. Grease buildup on the grate increases the risk of fire.

Inspect Propane Grills Before Use

Examine the hose on your propane grill for cracks or damage. To find gas leaks, cover the hose in a soapy solution. Turn on the gas. Any leaks will be obvious because the solution will bubble. Replace the grill hose if it is cracking or if you find a leak.

Operate the Grill Safely

Never leave your grill unattended or move a hot grill. If the gas goes off on your propane grill, let the gas dissipate for five minutes before you turn it back on. After you’re finished cooking, allow the coals to cool completely before you discard them in a metal container.

Keep the Cook Safe

Grilling safety tips aren’t limited to how you handle the grill. The grill master can also take measures to keep himself or herself safe. Cook with long-handled grill tools. Dress safely. Apron strings and loose sleeves can catch on fire while grilling. Tie your apron strings and wear well-fitting clothes when using the grill.

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