Remodeling your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Give your bathroom a new look and feel without replacing major fixtures. The key to a rewarding and inexpensive bathroom remodel is using quality, reasonably priced materials and doing the work yourself. Here are some ideas for a successful DIY bathroom remodel.

Add a Coat of Paint for a DIY Bathroom Remodel

An easy step to update your bathroom is adding a coat of paint to the walls. Painting is inexpensive and simple to do yourself. To paint the bathroom properly, use paint masking tape around doors, windows, and the ceiling, and remove outlet and light switch covers. Use a brush to apply paint around the edges and a paint roller to cover the walls.

Choose Less Expensive Materials

Consider using less expensive alternatives when remodeling your bathroom. There are a variety of lookalike materials that will make your bathroom feel just as luxurious as if you used high-end materials. If there are wooden components, such as flooring or cabinets, refurbish the materials instead of replacing them. When replacement is necessary, choose a water-resistant laminate that mimics the look of hardwood or stone flooring. Many less expensive materials are quality options for your remodel.

Update the Cabinets

Instead of replacing your bathroom cabinets, give the current ones an update. Sand the wood and stain it a different color. Remove the old handles and hinges and replace them with new hardware to upgrade the look of the space. Refurbishing the current cabinets is easier and less expensive than installing new ones.

DIY Bathroom Remodel: Refinish the Tub

A brand new bathtub can be expensive, which is why it’s worth considering refinishing your tub instead. Refinishing the bathtub makes it look new and is far less expensive than a replacement. If the tub is functioning properly and only has minor cosmetic issues, refinishing the surface is an excellent way to save money on your remodeling project.

A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be costly. Create an attractive look by choosing less expensive materials and doing the work yourself.

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