Clutter makes an otherwise clean house feel unkempt and dirty. Get rid of clutter to feel more relaxed in your home and to better enjoy your living spaces. Here are a few ways you can start to declutter your home.

Start to Declutter Your Home by Reducing

The most important step in beginning to declutter your home is to get rid of things you don’t need. Take the first step by emptying storage spaces. Separate your belongings into three piles: a pile to keep, things to donate, and a garbage bag for trash. You’ll find plenty of things that you never use and you may even rediscover things that you could be using. Put the unneeded items up for sale or donate them to a local thrift store.

Go through each room in your home, sorting items into piles. Take any trash out immediately and carry your box of donation items to the car so you’ll remember to drop it off. With fewer belongings, you’ll be able to better organize your home.

Improve Organization

After clearing out your storage areas, review what you’re storing in each space. Decide if you need shelves (and if so, how to space them), storage bins, and other options to help you organize your home.

Sometimes the problem isn’t how many things you have, it’s how those things are stored. A disorganized closet looks and feels cluttered. By adding shelves, rods, and hooks to create a place for everything, it will be easier to keep the closet organized.

Declutter Your Home With Clever Use of Storage Areas

Don’t let things that you use occasionally take up space in your home. Off-season clothes, holiday decorations, and lawn care equipment can use a lot of space, leaving you with less room for things that are used daily. This is an inefficient way of storing your items.

Explore other options for out-of-season items. Can you store winter clothing in the attic during the summer? Use a storage shed for gardening tools, pots, and planters. Create usable storage space in the basement or garage for seasonal toys and lawn equipment. Do you have an extra closet space that could be better used? Plan a strategy for the best use of that available space.

Keep your clutter problem under control with these simple strategies for removing, reorganizing, and relocating the items in your home.

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