If you’re making the effort to organize your home, your closets are a great place to start. Not only are they usually problem areas, but clean, usable closet space is important to ensure you have a place to store things. When working on closet organization, use the tips provided here.

Basic Closet Organization

Organizing your own closet may seem like a daunting task. The biggest issue for most people isn’t getting the work done, but figuring out a way to organize that will actually have a long-term impact.

Focus on the Organization of the Closet You Have

Even if you have a small closet, there are ways to organize it efficiently. Find clever storage tactics that are useful for the closet space you have. The back of your door is a great place for storing shoes or displaying jewelry. Add a storage chest or set of drawers to add more areas to stash your belongings. Take stock of what you have and then work toward closet organization for your space.

Focus on Function

Your ultimate goal is organization. You may want to repaint your closet or purchase organizers to match your bedroom, but the most important thing is how well it functions. Stay away from the stylish and pretty storage options unless they will make it easier for you to use your specific space.

Closet Organization Begins With Reducing Clutter

The first step in organizing should always be reducing clutter. Start by removing clothes that haven’t been worn in months or even years. Donate the clothes you don’t wear and trash anything that isn’t worthy of donation. This will help get you started with your closet organization process. Always declutter first. Then you’re not wasting time trying to organize items you don’t use or want.

Maximize the Space

There’s more space inside your closet than you might realize. Be creative. Use the floors, the walls, and even the ceiling of your closet for more storage space. Hanging organizers, portable drawers, and shelves that hang on the door can be great tools that let you use every square inch of space.

Use Labels for Closet Organization

Good labels are important additions to your closet organization. Labeling drawers and boxes in your closet makes it easier for you to find items when you’re in a rush.

For closet organization, focus on realistic solutions, do what works for your space, and make sure that you organize in a way that is helpful and sustainable. If you can accomplish those three goals, you’ll stand a better chance of keeping your closet organized and usable for years to come.

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