Stainless steel appliances add a modern, sleek look to your kitchen. But, if you don’t clean them regularly, they become dull, streaked, and smudged. Plus, stainless steel is prone to discoloration from heat and oils. Luckily, keeping stainless steel clean is simple. Read on for a few ways to clean your stainless steel appliances and keep them looking new.

Use a Soft Cloth and Mild Detergent

The key to keeping stainless steel appliances clean is starting with the right supplies. Use a soft cloth – microfiber is a great option – and mild detergent mixed with warm water to wipe down the appliance. Be sure to rinse the cloth frequently while wiping down the surface so no streaks appear. Avoid using scrubbing cleansers, abrasive sponges, or bristled brushes, as these may scratch your appliance’s finish.

DIY Products to Clean Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Commercial cleaners are available for stainless steel; however, it’s quick and easy to make your own. You’ll only need a few ingredients and probably already have them in your cabinets.

Use Rubbing Alcohol and Water

Mix a solution of water and rubbing alcohol to clean and disinfect stainless steel surfaces. Combine equal parts water and rubbing alcohol and add them to a spray bottle. Shake well to mix the cleaner. Spray the solution on and remove it with a soft microfiber cloth, wiping it in the direction of the grain. Rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly and won’t leave streaks.

Clean Stainless Steel Appliances with Vinegar and Oil

You’ll need two cleaning cloths, white vinegar, and olive oil. Spray vinegar on the surface of your appliance and use a cloth to wipe it off, removing dirt and grease. Next, apply a few drops of olive oil to another cleaning cloth. Use this cloth to polish the stainless steel, always moving in the direction of the grain.

Club Soda to Clean Appliances

For a simple cleaner, use club soda. Add it to a spray bottle and spritz the soda on your stainless steel. Rub the surface with a soft cloth to clean the appliance, wiping in the direction of the grain. If the stainless steel is greasy, add a few drops of lemon oil to your club soda cleaner.

Don’ts for Cleaning Stainless Steel

Gentle cleansers are the right idea to keep stainless steel appliances looking their best. Here are a few things to avoid when cleaning stainless steel.

  • Never use steel wool to clean stainless steel.
  • Don’t reuse an old spray bottle. Even natural ingredients can react with chemicals remaining in the bottle.
  • Avoid chlorine-based cleansers.
  • If your home has hard water, it may leave spots or streaks on your stainless steel. If this is an issue, use filtered water for cleaning.
  • Don’t use an oven cleaner. These cleaners are particularly harsh and may damage the surface of stainless appliances.

Cleaning stainless steel appliances isn’t difficult or time-consuming. With just a few simple steps, you’ll keep your household appliances looking new for years.

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